Anonymous: what is the code on the cup? I just want it so I can watch the video but I don't think they'd have the cups at my subway because I'm not american.. 

yes the code is on the back of the cup

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Anonymous: Did you specifically have to go in anad ask for it or do you get it with a meal if what? and does it say on like the windows that they have it? I've been to quite. Few and mind have had it :/ 

I went to my local subway and they had a poster on their window that says “MEET TAYLOR” and has the same pic that’s on the cup and then you go inside and they have more signs near the menu signs and I just went up to the cashier and asked for a Taylor cup and she gave me it and I didn’t have to buy a meal just the cup :) for $2.00

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for anyone wondering how much the subway cup is mine was $2.00 (bought it in California)

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