omfg im so close to my next hundred ive literally been on this hundred for a year 

guys he is so cool please follow him !!!

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Wait people nominated me for some awards AWW thank you

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i would clear my schedule for the next month if it meant being able to go to a 1989 secret session SIGN ME THE F*UCK UP

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Romeo + Bob



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hellagoodcurls: hello this is my new blog i was wondering if you could take a look and tell me what you think about it, a follow/mention would really help. thank you and i just followed you but love love ur blog xx 

thanks! go follow guys (:

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taylorswift this needs to happen!!!

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so since there is a song on 1989 with Imogen Heap do you guys think that means she’s going to possibly be the tour opener for the 1989 tour?

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